Humayun Saeed is producing Vasay Chaudhry’s next feature film


Vasay Chaudhry is writing his next feature film and Humayun Saeed is on board as a producer.

Speaking to Images, the Dil Lagi actor revealed that "Vasay has already written half of the film.”

"It’s so hilarious that we decided to announce the film. It’s called Naram Garam.”

So far there hasn’t been any talk of casting but one thing is for sure as according to Humayun, "It’s a film with two male leads and Vasay will be playing one of them. The second one has not been cast yet and we haven’t thought of anyone yet. I will produce it.”

Looks like there’s some time before the film hits floors but Humayun did give the detail that "It will be shot in Pakistan.”