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Top 10 Beautiful Unicode Urdu fonts

There is need of this era to get information in our mother language on the internet but in a searchable manner. Urdu  stuff is now searchable due to Urdu Unicode fonts.(All Urdu Unicode Fonts are available at urdusky.com)

Gone are those days when one has to read and publish Urdu content in image format on the web. And only desktop software available for Urdu publishing was Inpage. There are plenty of Unicode Urdu Fonts available now-a-days that work across almost all operating systems in almost any program that can display Unicode characters properly. I have compiled a list of 10 beautiful Unicode Urdu fonts along their snapshots and download links, have a look:

Urdu Fonts Download

1. Jameel Noori Kasheeda



Download here

2. Alvi Nastaleeq



Download here

3. Alfaris Farnaz



Download here

4. Emad Nastaleeq



Download here

5. Attari Salees



Download here

6. Alqlm Shikastah



Download here

7. Alfaris Bradiya



Download here

8. Alqlm Nabeel



Download here

9. Alfaris Elahm



Download here

10. Nafees Web Naskh



Download here


(By Sajid Iqbal)


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