Why Nadia Khan left GEO


Nadia Khan (born 1972) is a Pakistani television presenter, actress and producer.

She made her television debut through NTM in 1996. She then hosted a show called Daak Time (Mail Time) with Uncle Sargam which was popular among children PTV. She made a comeback to acting in the year 2005 with an Eid Special Show in which shNadia Khan3e acted opposite Ijaz Aslam and Sadia Imam. She also appeared in a ARY Digital soap called Koi To Ho in 2003. She later left the show to work as a host on ARY, then left it to work on Geo TV.

Khan returned as an anchor on ARY Digital‘s morning show Breakfast with Nadia. The show went on air from Dubai in the year 2006. After leaving ARY Digital for unknown reasons in 2008, she moved to Geo TV Khan then hosted Geo TV’s morning show called Nadia Khan Show. A live chat and interview show. She quit GEO TV on September 30, 2010 and was replaced by Shaista Wahidi on Geo TV‘s program ‘GEO Morning in Nadia-KhanNovember, 2010.

For many Geo-TV fans, their mornings normally started off with the entertaining Nadia Khan bringing her views and exclusive interviews with famous celebrities to their television screens. She had captivated many of all ages with her fun attitude and aggressive nature of bringing what is true to her shows. It is safe to say that her show was one of the best and the most-viewed shows offered by thnadia-khane television station until a recent incident.

Nadia Khan has been said to either leave or have been fired from Geo TV and the reason stands to be unknown as of yet. Critics have already placed their views on the rumor and suggested that it is a case of termination since there was no goodbye show from Nadia.

Sources have been struggling to determine whether this rumor can be categorized true or not but it has definitely been one of the trending topics around. A conversation on a famous Pakistani forum, Pak-links, shows that majority believe it might have been some wrong act on the part of the management or Nadia Khan’s pure personality since this is a similar case of a silnadia-khanent change when she left ARY to join GEO back in 2006.

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