People Think Israel Is Using A Technology To Create Fake Earthquakes In Pakistan


Somebody took a lot of their own time thinking about the Earthquake in Pakistan followed by an Earthquake in Turkey after one day and came up with a theory. Surprisingly, the answer doesn’t lie within the tectonic plates.

After the earthquakes in Pakistan and Turkey people think that Israel is at fault

People were very concerned about the shallowness of the Earthquake and assumptions were thrown around about how mulk dushman elements like Israel could be behind it


wHaT TeCtoNic PlATeS aNd wHAt scIEncE?

The reasons given were that it may be targeting Muslims countries to destabilize them with earthquakes in Pakistan and Turkey

People were “hell-bent” to prove k is kaam me HAARP ka hi hath hai! Previous files were reopened and case studies were done.

Also, Poor Rothschild got dragged into it too.

Historic references were shared to other earthquakes around the world where some countries “may” have been influenced with this technology

HAARP technology was apparently used in the past to influence Japan back in 2011 when an earthquake happened. Soon after this incident apparently Japan signed off a on a banking system deal.

Some theories also suggest that the earthquakes in Pakistan were caused in order to influence us to stay silent on Kashmir

People also concluded that the earthquake was to serve more than one purpose as it was to not only distract the world from the situation regarding Kashmir lockdown but to also hit and destroy Pakistan’s nuclear installations.

There were some people who really couldn’t wrap their heads around these theories

Surprisingly, for most people, it is the tectonic plates and their irregular movements which cause earthquakes. According to a thing called science, these earthquakes are further branched out and shallow ones can range from 0 km to 70 km.