How to Make Money Fast


Need a little extra cash in a hurry? Follow these steps and you’re bound to have a fuller pocket by the end of the week. It may not be much, and it may not be reliable, but your options are limited if you’re short on time. Later, you can read up on long-term ways to make money, reducing expenses, saving, and investing. Otherwise, hurry up and follow these steps so you can make money ASAP!


Make Money Online
Make Money Online


  1. Consider day labor. There are employment agencies that specialize in this type of arrangement, and you can get paid at the end of the workday. The jobs you find through an agency can vary, but are usually in construction, factories, offices, and manufacturing. An alternative to finding day labor is to go where other day laborers meet (usually street corners or parking lots) and wait for employers (building contractors, landscapers, home owners and small business owners). If you go the non-agency route, you might get paid in cash. You can also check your local newspaper or internet classifieds to find quick labor gigs, like painting, mowing, or moving work. When considering a day labor opportunity, keep in mind that less formal arrangements could result in you not getting paid or worse, you getting injured without any kind of compensation.
  2. Sell something. Dig out that old guitar you never play, those CDs you don’t listen to anymore, or your antique toy collection. Go to the pawnshop, put an ad on local internet classifieds, or hold a yard sale in front of your house or on a busy street corner (just display the item with a big sign announcing the ridiculously low price). Price items at half of what somebody would be able to buy them for anywhere else, and you may be able to sell them within an make-money-onlinehour or two. You can also sell items online at web sites like eBay, Amazon and Craig`s list.
  3. Become a street performer. If you can dance, play music, or tell jokes, you can probably get some cash by performing in public. But don’t do this unless you are actually good at it. Put together a good act and find a place to perform. Give people a dose of live entertainment, and hopefully they’ll reward you with tips.
  4. Panhandle. A panhandler is a person who depends on the spontaneous charity of strangers for their survival. If you really need the cash, you might swallow your pride and decide to ask for help. Make a sign, find a good location, ask politely for money, and say thank you. Cyberbegging is becoming increasingly popular, and there have been some amazing success stories, but these are the exception rather than the rule. While there are some sites on which you can beg just by putting up a brief ad, if you’re looking to make any substantial money you’ll probably have to build your own site and invest the time and money into it to make it successful.
  5. "Donate” plasma. Plasma is a component of blood, and the process is similar to donating blood. You’re not permitted to actually sell your plasma, but you can be compensated for your time spent donating (and essentially, it’s like selling your plasma). Your blood is drawn, the plasma is separated, and the red blood cells are returned to your body. You can make US$20-30 per visit and give plasma twice a week, but you must weigh at least 110 pounds, be between the ages of 18 and 59, and be in good health.[1] Many college students do this to make extra cash.[2] If you haven’t been to the doctor in a while, this may be a good way to get a free health checkup.[3]
  6. Recycle. Broke because you bought too much soda? Turn the old cans into cash by bringing them in to be recycled. If you don’t have your own cans, go looking for them in trash cans or along busy roads, especially rural roads. Call up several recyclers to compare prices. If you live in a state with a bottle or can deposit system, you may be able to get 5 or 10 US cents per container. Other scrap metals are also worth something, so if you’ve got a big pile of scrap in your backyard or you know of an illegal dumpsite, you can pick it up in your truck and anywhere from 1 or 2 cents per pound for scrap steel to considerably more for metals such as copper or aluminu Make_Money_Onlinem.[4]
  7. Open a lemonade stand. Especially if you’re a kid, a lemonade stand or baked goods stand can bring in good money in one day. If the lemonade isn’t selling, or you want to diversify, sell cookies and brownies as well. The important thing here is to find a good location, like the main entrance to an apartment building, outside a shopping center, on a busy corner near your house, or outside one of your parents’ workplaces (if you’re a kid; otherwise you might get in trouble).
  8. Enter sweepstakes. By choosing sweepstakes carefully, you can increase your likelihood of hitting the jackpot (or at least getting a few useful freebies that you can sell, as mentioned above). Search the internet– there are even internet databases, some free and some by subscription only, that can clue you in to hundreds or thousands of sweepstakes. Sweepstakes with smaller prizes can be great because you generally have a more realistic chance of winning. Don’t, however, waste your time entering a sweepstakes for a prize you don’t want and can’t easily sell forMake_Money_Online a good profit. Enter as many times as possible. The more times you enter, the better your odds. It’s as simple as that. Before you send in a million entries, however, make sure you know how many entries the rules allow you.
  9. Become a moving advertisement.Creative marketing companies might be willing to pay you to get their name out there. Some interesting strategies that people have gotten paid for:
    • Turning their car into a moving advertisement; there are companies with bumper sticker programs as well.
    • Wearing t-shirts, clothes, costumes that advertise a business.
    • Temporary tattoos on the forehead, a pregnant belly, and other parts of the body.[5][6]
  10. Finally, if you’re desperate, look by the laundry room! Often, people will leave everything in their pockets, and it’ll come out when it’s washing/drying, or it’ll fall when you take it out of the washer/dryer.


  • Make sure that whatever you’re doing does not violate any local laws or regulations.
  • If going the day laborer route, keep in mind that there is animus against these types of workers, i.e. illegal aliens.
  • If you are going to sell something, make sure that the price isn’t too high or else no one will buy it. Also, make sure that it isn’t too low, or else you won’t be able to make a lot of money (an exception to this is if you are seriously desperate). For example, a cup of lemonade would be too expensive at $2.00, but if you slash that price into

    quarters (about $1.00), it would be reasonable.

  • ONLY do this at your house. Not at your friends’, and not at the laundromat. However, if you find an insignificant amount of money at the laundromat, that you still want, if no one seems to have just dropped it or is looking for it, then it’s probably okay. (Insignificant=$1 or $2.) Also, if you’re at your parents house, please don’t take more than $10-$20 from the laundry room. Your parents pay bills! Money is very important in these times, and not just for that GREAT peach lip gloss that all your friends have!

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