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This section of the website is supposed to explore the wonder of study abroad. some times we use a term ” Foreign Study” but the meanings  are same. The information kept at this place is only for to aware you some international

Study Abroad

resources of Studying Overseas/ Studying Abroad. After viewing this section of www.urdusky.com , if you feel that any thing is missing or you can’t find your desired information , just email to our study abroad section to get up-to-date information and guideline ;     [email protected]

بیرون ممالک تعلیم کی غرض سے جانے والے طلبا و طالبات کو کافی مشکلات کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے۔ کبھی تو وہ معلوماتی اداروں  یعنی کنسلٹنس سے نالاں نظر آتے ہیں تو کبھی ویزہ کی معلومات کے فقدان کے باعث ناکامی سے دوچار ہوتے ہیں۔
اس میں ان کا کوئی قصور نہیں ، البتہ اگر کوئی اچھا ایجو کیشن کنسلٹنٹ   رہنمائی کرے تو کبھی بھی ناکامی کا منہ نہیں دیکھنا پڑتا ۔ انٹر نیٹ نے تو معلومات حاصل کرنے بہت اعلیٰ ذرائع پیدا کر دئے ہیں مگر پھر بھی جب تک کوئی تجربہ کار ایجوکیشن کونسلر رہنمائی کو میسر   نہ آئے ، اس زمن میں مسائل سے واسطہ رہتا ہے ۔
اس ویب سائٹ پر آپکو جابجا نت نئی معلومات تو میلں کی مگر ویزہ اور ایمپبیسی کے معاملات کے بارے میں اچھی طرح سے  جان لیں کہ سٹڈی ویزہ حاصل کرنے کیلئے ہمیشہ انتہائی نئی اور اپ ڈیڈٹ معلومات کو ترجیح دیں

عرصہ بیس سال سے تو یہی دیکھا گیا ہے کہ ہمیشہ  یوکے نے پاکستانی طلبا اور طالبات کو تستسل کے ساتھ تعلیمی مواقع فراہم کئے ہیں مگر یورپ میں مفت تعلیم  نے بھی کسی طرح سے کمی نہیں چھوڑی اور اس کے ساتھ ساتھ امریکہ ، اسٹریلیا اور کینڈا نے بھی پاکستانی طلبا و طالبات کو خوش آمدید کہا ہے ۔ جبکہ چائنہ اور ملائشیا  نے تو اپنی یونیورسٹیز کے دروازے پاکستانی طلبا و طالبات کیلئے کھول دئے ہیں ۔
چائنہ اور ملائشیا میں داخلہ کے بعد طالبعلم کو ویزہ سو فیصد مل جاتا ہے جس میں کسی کنسلٹنٹ کا کوئی کمال نہیں ، البتہ دیگر ممالک میں ان معاملات کیلئے کسی ایجوکیشن کنسلٹنٹ کی ضرورت پڑ سکتی ہے ۔ برطانیہ ؛ یوکے نے حال ہی میں سٹوڈینٹ ویزہ کیلئے نیا قانون متعارف کروایا ہے جس کی معلومات بھی آپکو اردو سکائی ڈاٹ کام پر مل سکتی ہے ۔
کسی بھی قسم کی معلومات اور معاونت کیلئے آپ درج ذیل ای میل پر  رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں.

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The web sites in this section are an excellent starting point when searching for study abroad programs. For-credit internship and volunteer programs may also be found here. For work abroad options, see Work Abroad Web Sites, International Careers.

University of Michigan students should read the information on study abroad for U-M students. Students at all institutions should consult with study abroad advisors at their own home campus when selecting a program.

A comprehensive and up-to-date web site with excellent search options. Most listings give extensive information. Search is possible by country, subject, or both. Provides addresses and telephone numbers for all programs. Links to program web sites for only some programs. Listings also provide country-specific travel information. One of the best sites for those looking for a broad range of education abroad options. Listed below are some of the available searches: 

* Institute of International Education
The IIE publishes the most comprehensive data on study abroad and work abroad programs available anywhere. The online versions of its study abroad books also offer the best search capabilities by far. The IIE site also has information about Fulbright teaching and scholarship programs, along with exchange programs in arts, engineering, environment, policy, and other professional areas.
* IIE Passport
IIE Passport is a user-friendly search engine which lets you select the program characteristics you’re interested in, such as duration/term, location, language of instruction, or if the program offers a special “format” such as internships, volunteering, or field research. See “advanced search.” IIE Passport includes the contents of the IIE books Academic Year Abroad and Short-Term Study Abroad.
* IIE‘s It’s Your World: Student Guide to Education Abroad
This is the best online guide for students on how to study or work abroad.
Peterson’s web site database lacks the detail of their hard copy Study Abroad books. Information is limited to location and academic subjects and does not provide cost information). Searches possible by either country or academic subject, but not both. Most listings do not provide contact information.
Comprehensive database lists study abroad programs and summer programs as well as language courses and internships/volunteer programs. Information limited to location and academic subjects and does not provide cost information. Provides contact information for all programs. Links to individual program web sites for some programs. Search possible by country, then within each country’s listings by academic subject. Don’t miss It’s Your World, a how-to guide for students written by education abroad professionals. Also has extensive travel information organized by country, Country Home Pages.
Transitions Abroad Webzine
Transitions Abroad is unique in its coverage of all education abroad options, from study and work abroad to educational travel. Online version includes vast amount of information, such as annotated guides to resources, listings organized by country of programs for study, work, internships, volunteering, language study, and living abroad. There are also articles written from a first-hand perspective. The major sections of this site include the following: 

Secondary Study Abroad Resources

Abroad View Magazine
Features first-hand reports written by students and recent graduates. The aim of Abroad View is to encourage education abroad and the acquisition of foreign languages, as well as to promote global awareness and cross-cultural understanding. Published by the non-profit Abroad View Foundation. All issues are available free 

Study Abroad


American Bar Association: Foreign Study Programs in Law
Includes the ABA‘s criteria and lists of ABA-approved study abroad programs for law students.
Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET)
An essential organization for those involved in international programs at the high school level. CSIET sets standards for high school-level programs and publishes an annual list of programs which meet those standards.
The Electronic Embassy
Web site collects the home pages of all US-based embassies. While these sites are not specifically about international education, many countries do provide cultural and educational exchange information, in addition to essential official information for travel (visas, etc.), on their web sites.
Glimpse Quarterly
Features first-hand reports by students and recent graduates. The aim of Glimpse is to promote intimate and progressive global understanding by deepening our regard for the peoples and cultures of the world. Published by the non-profit Glimpse Foundation. All issues are available free online.
International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA)
Essential for those interested in international volunteering and service learning. IVPA is a professional association for administrators of international volunteer programs, as well as advisers and students interested in this type of international experience. Their web site lists programs for volunteering abroad, some of which offer academic credit, and has extensive links to relevant resources. Organizations that are members of IVPA are encouraged to follow IVPA‘s Principles and Practices.
Language Course Finder, International Where+How
Online version of the Where+How Guides. This web site’s database lists language courses worldwide. Searches possible on a variety of categories. Some organizations have descriptions and links to their web sites. The site can be accessed in over 20 languages.
Legal Study Abroad Headquarters
Contains information, brochures, and contact information for all study abroad programs approved by the American Bar Association, as well as contact information for almost every law school in the world. A sub site of the Internet Legal Research Group.
Mobility International
Nonprofit organization provides information on education abroad programs for people with disabilities. See their National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange
Study Abroad Programs in Non-English Speaking Countries with Courses in English
Site provides a sampling of programs that offer upper-level courses taught in English in majors which are less-commonly offered in study abroad.
Universities Worldwide
Searchable database for universities around the world. May be useful for students looking for direct-enrollment options, such as applicants for Fulbright and Rotary scholarships.
University of California-Irvine, International Opportunities Program
Basic information on study abroad, summer programs, internships, research, teaching, volunteering and work abroad programs with links to many other education abroad web sites. Refer to the following article on this site:
The World at Your Fingertips
Not a directory, but an instructional site about how students and advisers can use the Internet to research options for education abroad.
U-M International Center, Education Abroad Office
A collection of articles, annotated links and print resources for study, work and travel abroad.
University of Minnesota, Center for Advanced Research on Language Aquisition (CARLA), Maximizing Study Abroad: A Students’ Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use
Aimed at students who want to make the most of their study abroad experience, this flexible and user-friendly guide helps students identify and use a wide variety of language- and culture-learning strategies. Portions of the book may be downloaded free.
University of Minnesota, Learning Abroad Center
University site includes several different information pages and searchable databases such as the following links: 

External Scholarships Database
Diversity Abroad:
Multicultural Students Abroad
Access Abroad for Students With Disabilities
GLBT Students Abroad
Work, Internships and Volunteering:
Search for Work, Intern & Volunteer Abroad Opportunities
Work, Intern & Volunteer Abroad Overview
Intern Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Teach English Abroad
What’s Up With Culture?: An Online Cultural Training Resource for Study Abroad
Provides a free, two-part orientation about living overseas for students preparing to study, work, intern, or volunteer abroad. 

Module 1, "What to Know Before You Go,” looks at the importance of awareness of cultural differences, using critical incidents from actual experiences abroad of students and Peace Corps volunteers.

Module 2, "Welcome Back! Now What?” is intended to prepare students for returning home, from "reverse culture shock” to applying the skills learned abroad in a wide variety of social, academic, professional and personal contexts.

Worldwide Classroom
Site includes listings of intensive language programs and programs suitable for people from K-12 through adults. Search possible by country or "category” (broad subject categories, such as age, etc.). Site includes a "Travel Planner” section offering many links. This is a web version of the International Study Telecom Directory. In operation since 1968, this organization is affiliated with the National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA).
World Wide Colleges and Universities
Links to university and international office web sites organized by country. It is provided by the Center for Global Education and may be especially useful for students looking for direct-enrollment options, such as applicants for Fulbright and Rotary scholarships.
Yahoo’s Worldwide Colleges and Universities
Links to university home pages organized by country.

Financial Aid, Grants, Foundations

U-M students, refer to the U-M International Center information on Financial Aid and Scholarships for University of Michigan Students. Funding help for undergraduate study abroad is available from three sources, from most likely to least:

  1. Financial Aid: Check with your home institution’s Financial Aid Office.
  2. Scholarships: From specific study abroad programs and are essentially discounts on tuition.
  3. Scholarships: Offering grants that can be used for any institution’s program.
Association of Teachers of Japanese
Professional association offers resources for studying Japan and its culture including undergraduate scholarships, Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan.
Basic Facts for Students Regarding Financial Aid for Study Abroad (NAFSA) Knowledge Community for Education Abroad: Advising
Provides overview of how to use financial aid and scholarships for study abroad with links to web sites for more information.
* DAAD Scholarships
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers awards to highly qualified undergraduate students, graduating seniors, and graduate students for study abroad, university language or summer courses, senior thesis research, and/or internships in Germany.
* Freeman Scholarships
Offers scholarships for undergraduates with financial need to study in Asia. Apply online.
* Fulbright scholarships
There are several different Fulbright scholarship programs, all of which are described on the IIE‘s site. The Fulbright Student Program is for graduating seniors, graduate students, and alumni; Fulbright Scholar programs are for university faculty and international education administrators; the Fulbright Teacher Exchangeis for currently-employed K-12 and community college teachers.
* Gilman Scholarships
Provides assistance for undergraduates with financial need to use for study abroad. Apply online.
International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)
Provides searches for scholarships for study abroad. It appears to have fewer entries and gives less information than other sites listed here.
International Education Finance Corporation (IEFC)
Corporation specializes in loans for study abroad.
International Scholarship Search
A free searchable database of scholarships and awards for international study. Affiliated with Edvisors.
International Student Loan Center
Student loans for students worldwide, including U.S. students abroad and international students in the U.S.. Affiliated with Edvisors.
Provides free customized scholarship search after user fills out profile. E-mail updates of scholarships based on the profile are provided . Also has articlesabout financial aid.
Provides scholarship searches and extensive information about financial aid.
NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators)
Professional association’s web site provides information on financial aid. Students should also consult with financial aid advisors at their own institution.
National Security Education Program (NSEP)
The National Security Education Program (NSEP) provides merit-based scholarship support for undergraduate and graduate study in non-traditional regions, as well as institutional grants. Study abroad programs located in North America and Europe typically do not qualify. Note that NSEP grants incur a U.S. government service obligation after college graduation for a period of one year. See also NSEP‘s Guide to Study Abroad and Global Careers in Non-traditional Destinations.
Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training Grant (MHIRT)
For U-M students only: Formerly a program of the Fogarty International Center, now at the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities. The program sends minority undergraduates and medical students abroad to do health-related research.
* Reference Service Press
RSP publishes of some of the best hard-copy directories of scholarships for overseas opportunities, which include grants for all levels of students as well as for post-doctorates and professionals. Some examples are Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad, Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad.
* Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships
Provides the largest single U.S. scholarship program for study abroad. Scholarships are available for all levels of study, from high-school, undergraduate and graduate students to alumni and professionals. Application possible only through local Rotary Clubs. Locally-determined deadlines may be as much as one and one-half years in advance. Web site provides scholarship information and lists Rotary Clubs worldwide. See also our article on how to apply for a Rotary Scholarship.
* University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center
External Scholarships Database. Excellent, free online database of scholarships. Search categories include study, research and internships as well as location and other variables.
* U.S. Department of Education: Student Aid on the Web
The federal government’s official guides to financial aid. Including overseas universities and U.S. universities that have registered for eligibility for financial aid are now listed in the Federal School Code Search Page. To search for overseas universities, choose "Foreign Country” in the menu for "STATE”). The Student Guide to Financial Aid, FAFSA on the Web, and Looking for Student Aid. Also, refer to the FAFSA search page and the FTC’s web site on Scholarship Scams.
U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Official information about Fulbright programs for study, research, and teaching abroad. Includes other official exchange programs and information about U.S. government regulations concerning international educational exchange. See the Information on Study and Work Abroad.
Woodrow Wilson International Fellowship Foundation
Information on multi-year scholarship programs for students (especially minorities) interested in international careers.

Region-specific Web Sites For Study & Work Abroad


See Worldwide section above and Middle East section for additional listings for Northern Africa.

National Consortium for Study in Africa
Hosted by Michigan State University’s African Studies Center. Includes an extensive list of study abroad programs offered by many U.S. institutions. Contains descriptions, contact information and links for e-mail and web sites. Excellent video on study in Africa available.
University of Pennsylvania, African Studies
Contains many links to sites for African & African-American studies. While not specifically designed for study abroad, this site’s search engine produces listings by using such terms as "study abroad,” "scholarships,” or "volunteer abroad.” Search by country for information from a number of sources using the site’s country-specific pages.


See Worldwide section above.

Association for Asian Studies
Professional association web site includes a section on study abroad "study programs", which includes a sampling of U.S.-sponsored programs, and a section on grants and fellowships. Comprehensive links to other sites on all regions of Asia.
Association of Teachers of Japanese
Professional association offers resources for studying Japan and its culture including undergraduate scholarships, Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan.
Freeman Scholarships
Offers scholarships for undergraduates with financial need to study in Asia. Apply online.
Harvard University, Central Eurasian Studies World Wide
Provides information for a broad geographic area "encompassing the region from Iranian Azerbaijan and Turkic/Muslim regions of southern Russia in the west, through northern Afghanistan and southern Siberia, to Tibet and Mongolia in the east.”
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Provides official information on study abroad and scholarships for Japan. Does not list U.S.-sponsored programs. See also the Japanese Embassy’s "Study in Japan” web site and "Online Resources for Studying Japanese.”
Study Abroad Programs in India for U.S. Students (Fulbright-India)
Compiled by the U.S. Educational Foundation in India (USEFI).


See Worldwide section above.

Australian Education Office
Officially-sponsored web site includes listings of study abroad programs (including U.S.-sponsored) at Australian universities. Also provides information on scholarships and financial aid, student visas, health insurance, pre-departure and arrival, living in Australia and more.

Europe: Central, Eastern & Russia and the NIS

See Worldwide section above.

American Association of Teachers of Slavic & East European Languages (AATSEEL)
Professional association web site includes information on internships, scholarships and employment opportunities related to Central amp; East European Studies.
Indiana University, Russian & East European Institute
Site has sections for internships or jobs, scholarships, as well as IU’s degree and language programs.
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)
Non-profit organization offers grants for study abroad in this region.
RussNet: The Russian Language Network
Comprehensive resources for studying and working in Russian, by the American Council for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS.
Slavophilia: Slavic and East European Resources
While not specifically designed for study abroad, this site provides links organized by country to host-country universities, media, travel information, and more.
Why Study Russian
An introduction to the world of Russian studies.

Europe: Western

See Worldwide section above.

American-Scandinavian Foundation
Includes a comprehensive directory of study, language, and work abroad programs in all the Scandinavian countries, including U.S.-sponsored programs.
CDS International
Officially-supported non-profit organization offers several internship programs in Germany, Spain, Russia, and Argentina for students, graduates and professionals. Web site provides program information and listings of current internship openings, plus links for information about Germany.
Cultural Services of the French Embassy
Information on scholarships, teaching assistantships in France, and more. Site links to EduFrance, a comprehensive information on study abroad (direct enrollment) and French as a foreign language courses in France. Does not list U.S.-sponsored programs.
German Academic Exchange Service
Web site of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) in New York. Provides comprehensive official information on study abroad (direct enrollment), degree study and scholarships for Germany. Links to German universities. Does not list U.S.-sponsored programs.
Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC)
Provides official information on study abroad (via direct enrollment) in the Netherlands. Does not list U.S.-sponsored programs.
Welcome to Spain!
Information for students studying abroad in Spain, by the Association of American Programs in Spain (APUNE).

Latin America

See Worldwide section above.

University of Texas, Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
Exhaustive source for academic information on Latin America. While not specifically designed for study abroad, this site’s Countries section provides links to host-country universities, media, country and travel information, and much more. Site includes section on Language Programs Abroad, Scholarships, Grants and Loans, and Latin American Studies Institutions.
U-M students: See Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Middle East, Including Northern Africa and Israel

See Worldwide section above.

Arabic Language Study Programs
An overview by University of Michigan’s Department of Near Eastern Studies.
Embassy of Israel (USA), Office of Academic Affairs
Official information on educational opportunities in Israel.
World Zionist Organization, Complete Guide to the Israel Experience (in Hebrew, no English)
Directories of study and volunteer opportunities in Israel, along with offices in the U.S. which can provide information and advice. Has several related web sites: 

United Kingdom

See Worldwide section above.

British Council USA – Study in the U.K.
Comprehensive official information on study, scholarships,internships and working as a student in the United Kingdom.
British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX)
Provides BUTEX‘s directories of undergraduate and graduate study programs in the UK, which include most (but not all) U.K. universities. Does not list U.S.-sponsored programs.
HERO (Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the United Kingdom)
Though the original HERO web site has been discontinued, the remaining index page includes a list of links to web sites with information about researching and studying in the UK.
Times Higher Education Supplement
The London Times HES publishes official rankings of British universities, in its statistics section (subscription only)
Reference: http://www.umich.edu