پاکستان نے 2000-2010 میں کیا کھویا کیا پایا؟


پاکستان نے 2000-2010 میں کیا کھویا کیا پایا؟

پاکستان گزشتہ دہائی میں بہت سے نشیب و فراز سے گزرا ؛ کبھی حالات نے جھنجھوڑا اور کبھی واقعات نے مگر آفرین ہے عوام پر کہ ہر حال میں سینہ سپر رہی؛ پر آشوب ناگہانی نے خوف و ڈر جیسے الفاظ کے معنی بدل کے رکھ دیئے اور قوم کے غیور پختہ عزم اپنے فرائض کو سر انجام دیتے رہے؛ جہاں پاکستان کو وجود اغیار کی نظروں میں کھٹکتا ہے وہاں قوم کے جوان بچے اسے ترقی وکامرانی کی کیطرف لیجانے کا عہد کئے ہوئے ہیں۔

تحریروتحقیق: محمد الطاف گوہر

Dec. 17 Officials barred from leaving Pakistan
Dec. 9 Pakistan arrests 5 men missing in U.S.
Five people arrested in Pakistan had been reported missing in the United States, and police are confident they were planning terrorist acts

* World in Dec. 9

Elsewhere: Baghdad, Dec.8: Car bombs killed at least 127 people
Dec. 5 Taliban claims mosque strike. Rawalpindi
Nov.12 Blast ‘hits security HQ’. Peshawar

Elsewhere: West Bank, Nov.5: Abbas will not seek re-election
Nov.1 35 dead in explosion Rawalpindi: An explosion ripped through commercial Cannt area , killing at least 25 people, as they lined up to collect their monthly salary
Oct.28 Car bomb kills at least 100 in market Peshawar: A car packed with 150 kilograms of explosives detonated at Meena Bazaar, killing at least 90 people and injuring more than 200 others

Elsewhere: Kabul, Oct.27: 3 U.N. staff killed in firefight
Oct.24 Pakistan takes key Taliban town of Kotkai. Tribal Areas
Oct.17 Major Pakistani ground offensive begins. Tribal Areas

Elsewhere: Maldives, Oct.16: Cabinet meets underwater
Oct.14 38 killed as police offices attacked. Lahore
Oct.12 41 dead in Swat Valley blast. NW Pakistan
Oct.10 Armed militants hold hostages at army HQ. Rawalpindi

Elsewhere: Japan, Sep.15: Hatoyama takes over as PM
Aug.7 Pakistani Taliban leader ‘killed’ Tribal Areas: There are growing indications that Pakistan’s most wanted man, Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, has been killed by a US missile

Elsewhere: Western China, Jul.5: Scores killed in China protests
May.30 Pakistan secures key Swat Valley city [Map of Mingora West Pakistan] NW Pakistan: The Pakistani security forces have taken back the city of Mingora from the Taliban, calling it a significant victory in its offensive

Elsewhere: North Korea, May.26: N. Korea fires short-range missiles

Elsewhere: North Korea, May.25: N. Korea conducted second nuclear test
May.15 Thousands flee fighting. West Pakistan

Elsewhere: Hong Kong, May.1: Flu hotel sealed off
Apr.22 Taliban claims victory near Islamabad. NW Pakistan

Elsewhere: Turkey, Mar.27: Bodies found at helicopter crash site