eLearn- Education Programme in Pakistan


پاکستان میں پہلی بار پنجاب گورنمنٹ نے پہلی سے بارہویں کلاس تک کی تمام کتابیں، نوٹس اور سلیبس بمعہ آڈیو ویڈولیکچرز آن لائن کردیئے ہیں، اگر کوئی بچہ گھر بیٹھ کر توجہ سے پڑھنا چاہے تو اسے اکیڈیمی یا ٹویشن سے بہتر پڑھائی مل سکتی ہے

According to details, the PITB under its eLearn Programme has launched a web application for students from grade six to 12, which contains lectures on four major science subjects ie Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry in text and video format.

Each book has been augmented with video lectures, illustrations, animations, simulations and interactive assessments. Through this application, students can access 21 science and maths textbooks for Grade 6-12 which have been augmented with 13,047 video lectures, 592 simulations, 2,100 audio minutes and 1,830 animations.

“It will be like a quiz on how much he understands the lecture,” a PITB official said.