Predictions about Pakistan 2011


Professor Mushtaq Ahmed

The ruling sign of Pakistan is Capricorn. Capricorn is the ruling sign of feudals, bureaucrats and politicians. That is why the rule of feudals has been dominant force in our politics. Capricorn is also the ruling sign of the establishment. Therefore, who-ever takes the government, cannot snatch the power of governance from this mysterious hold of establishment.prediction-pakistan-march2011

Occasionally, the hold of establishment is weekend. For example: When Uranus entered Libra in September 1968, a dynamic leader with revolutionary ideals like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto emerged on the political scene and challenged the rule of establishment. As a result, he came to the power with the backing of the people replete with revolutionary ideals; but could not deliver the goods due to certain mysterious reasons.

Pakistan people’s party came to power again in 1988 when Uranus–the revolutionary planet—entered Capricorn. But Benazir Bhutto could not continue her government due to her weak team and the intrigues of the establishment. Mostly, Pakistan has been ruled by persons having Cancer or Leo ruling signs. Such persons cannot give good governance.

Good governance and the rule of justice will enter the national politics only when Librans rule the country. Librans generally belong to the Bench and Bar—The Sign of scales representing the astrological sign of Libra.

Our political parties must have a blueprint for the future, a blue print having policies and plans for every major field; like education, economy, agriculture and industry etc.; naming persons of good reputation to implement those policies.

As far as power sector is concerned, everybody should be allowed to produce electricity in any way he likes without the interference of government.

A council of elders should be formed by print and electronic media and the different elected bodies of the lawyers. This council should advise about matters of national importance.

Supreme Court of Pakistan is going to make some historic decisions which will shape the future of this nation. Jupiter—Supreme Court—is making important aspects with Pluto in Capricorn on 26-02-2011 and 07-07-2011. These aspects will be formidable enough to change the symbols of status-quo.

zodiac-signs-2011-horoscopeAs far as the wind of revolution swaying in the world is concerned, it is due to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn will overthrow corrupt rulers throughout the world. No power can stop the march of history. Jupiter in square aspect to Pluto also demands justice and fair-play.

But the planet representing real revolutionary zeal, viz Uranus is entering Aries in March 2011. here it will be in square aspect with Pluto. This aspect will bring about revolutionary changes in the world, particularly in Pakistan.