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How to Balance Work and Life

How to Balance Work and Life

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By Mr. Altaf Gohar
From the beginning , life on this earth fallows the natural laws, but human being always try to learn by experiments even though divine knowledge spotlight everything. The entire creature on this earth aligned with natural ways of living by instinct. So, person face problem to manage their work and life balance which is an integral element for healthy living and always struggle to improve it. If we try to set it on artificial criteria, as personal experiences developed, we state it accordingly but on other hand we define this balance under natural ways, we have to find it from divine knowledge; where there is no change occurs with the passage of time.
We have to organize our work along our life, as life assumed about family activities, mystical developments, pleasure and leisureliness, while work is supposed for a person’s aspiration and professional responsibilities. When we need to split our time in these two important and vital elements of our living, we have to build a balance between them. We need to set priorities according to our age, family status, profession, living standard and ambition which make a balance in life and work in comfortable manner. In fact a lifestyle of job oriented person is different from a businessman and we can’t make a same chat of time management.


  1. Personal Experiences :All the personal experiences with the passage of time lead us to improve one’s living standard where we need to setup every time our work / life balance, while nature already set it up even from the beginning of life on this earth.
  2. What Nature tells us? As sun rises, the entire living creature on this earth open’s the eyes, take a deep breath and get ready for the survival. At the evening time, sun try to cover its face behind the mountain is set’s a notion for the entire living creature, go back to your home, that day ends. In the night time birds, animals, even plants and stones (vibrating energy exits as life in them, according to quantum physics) takes rest and go for restore their energies, health by taking deep pause of conscious realm.
  3. Human Living Style: A human (a social animal) on other hand, wonders day and night for his/her ambition and enjoyment but not care about the natural ways of living. Here persons need a work/life balance which builds a system of prioritization for to parallel their life pattern with nature.
  4. Organized Time-Frame: When we organize work timeframe, we need to take care about sort of work and capacity to do it, whereas for life time-chart we have to care about all the aspects in our personal lives. It will be different for singles, whereas it will be different for the couples, similarly it will be further divided on age parameters. If we will not manage a balanced time frame, it’s a possibility to avoid spouse to talk at reaching at home, to ignore children and sometimes couldn’t control over attitude in business/work meetings.
  5. Importance of Work-Life Balance: To enjoy excellent health, a stress free wealth and pleasant living all along our lives, we must care about the importance of our work-life balance. If you’re single your time schedule will be different then a married one, so, you may spend much time with your work but under the limits of your working capacity. In the young age people have much energy then old age to do a task, and people are supposed to do a lot due to less family responsibilities. Sometimes, due to overwork one can adopt an aggressive attitude which needs to be neutralized by personal and leisure activities.
  6. Time-management for Newlywed as well as couples: In similar manner, the couples and newlywed people can’t follow the time-schedule defined for the singles; they have to organize their time according to their living. A spouse mean equal partner of your personal life and definitely you have to give a proper time to your mate, so the time management should be accordingly. For the families with children work-life time balance will different then single or newlywed peoples.
  7. [Seven vital Work-Suggestions:-]
    1. We have to define some integral elements about work and life for to set an appropriate time-frame. In normal fashion, work is defined for eight hour a day, while one must care about
    2. In all sort of work we have to deal with meetings and assignments which need to be accomplish with in suitable time to avoid next day burden.
    3. In taking care about assigned work, follow-ups and dealing with people, there needs a well-organized attitude in friendly manner.
    4. One must set a priority list of daily work and also need to get a pause along it to get ready for the next.
    5. There is another important issue during work as to deal with rush a calm and soft attitude supposed to excellent in finding best results.
    6. All the coworker also needs your attention during your duty hours and there needs an excellent attitude is important while always keep friendly way of dealings required.
    7. Sometimes we don’t need anything or want to leave it, so during work we have to take care about the issues who can affect on up-coming events, so its batter take pause along the work.

Seven vital Life-Suggestions:-

1.      People need to give proper time to their interest because this necessary to refresh and overcome the mental as well as physical stress.

2.      Morning walk or a long walk in the afternoon is tonic for the people who stay all the day with sitting-work/ office-work. They also needs to go for exercise or any play ground game which keeps their health best and energize them well.

3.       The people whose wok nature is a bit different and not stay in office needs to adopt hobby of reading or indoor games which will be a refreshing tonic for mind and body.

4.      Always give time to spouse, children, parents, relatives and friends even your home-workers according to your available time and it’s also necessary to adopt any community for your interest to acquaint with vicinity changes.

5.      A home even a family activities place but there needs to be setup some cheerful activities like birthday celebration, get-together parties, family friend’s gatherings etc., which is necessary to be an active part of society.

A pause in work and proper deep-sleep in the night according to age and nature of work is an essential element of work-life balance.

6.      Your soul will be thirsty in all this work-life management if you don’t care about that. Health, wealth, joy even any big achievement sometimes felt nothing only due to the ignoring the spiritual activities. Yourself, your inner will be in worry if you’ll not give time to your soul, that’s a pray , a religious activity , a meditation which returns a bliss in your life, a calm state of mind , a physical healing , a boost to your immune system.

7.      All our work-life happenings centered to only one nucleus, God/Allah/ Creator, always empower us even most of the time we don’t bother that. We need to stay in front of our creator as  prays at once , twice or more times a days to find everlasting bliss, rejoice the inner, to calm down the  mind , to dissolve  negative thoughts , to get inspired for all the work-life activities.


  • On leaving Home , must close office files and when arrived at office must close home-files.
  • Don’t try to fight with your self about any matter , just prioritize your activities list.
  • Nobody is fool in this world , so don’t try to get smart , just pay your attention on your duty and don;t cheat others consciously
  • We must be ready to face all situations in work and life but remember everything is result of our actions

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