List of essay topics


List of essay topics

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* Do you think that homework should be abolished? Discuss its value.
* Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.

* The importance of examinations (uncategorized)
* Examination day often makes many pupils worry. Do you agree?
* Why examinations are important (uncategorized)

* Talk about the subject you consider most important
* What subject you like best in school?
* The subject I enjoy learning (uncategorized)

* Describe the first day of your school
* The first day at school probably had been much impressed on your life.
* Give an account of the end of the term.

* School life is the most difficult time but it also keeps many joys for us. Do you agree?
* My school (uncategorized)

* Describe your schoolmates and whom do you like best.
* Talk about your experiences as a school prefect.

* What do you think of the use and abuse of private tuition?
* What do you think of the important role of the teaching of crafts in the school?

* What makes an ideal teacher: Give your opinion.
* Talk about your teacher of English
* My teacher (uncategorized)

* Write about the kind of work which you hope to do when you leave the school.
* Today there is some changes in the educational system. How should we change to raise the quality of teaching?
* Suppose you could go to school where you wanted to. Which school would you choose and why?

* Living in an apartment instead of a college dormitory gain advantages and disadvantages. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of apartment living and five your opinion.
* For students, purchasing or renting a home? Give your opinion.

* Nowaday, everybody is very fond of learning a foreign language. However, sucessful men are seldom. In your opinion, what is the basic factor?
* From what you have learned about English civilization, write an essay on England and the English (the land, its history, tradition and people)
* In your opinion, what is the most difficult skill of studying English
* Which language do you think has made the greatest contribution to the promotion of better understanding among the people of the world? (uncategorized)

* The kind of books we should read. Give your opinion.
* Today, there are many books to read. What do you think of the choice of books?
* Talk about the value of libraries.
* Talk about the habit of reading in some students

* Why I like to go to school (uncategorized)
* Why we should study science (uncategorized)

* Why I want to learn English (uncategorized)

Society and its problems
* "Money is the root of all evil”. Give your opinion.
* What do you think of the opinion polls?
* How should people protect and preserve the natural resources?
* Life in the city
* Living in a multiracial community
* Why is agriculture important in the world of today?
* Talk about crimes in society
* Liberty – freedom (uncategorized)
* The role of the police force in society (uncategorized)
* Flood in a town (uncategorized)

People or personal characteristics
* Give a comment about the uses of the hobby.
* Tell about your hobby in free time.
* Talk about the hobbies of your two close friends.
* Talk about the person you hate most.
* Talk about the habit of smoking cigarettes
* Talk about A heroic deed.
* How do Hearing-Impaired people talk? Discuss.
* Talk about good manners (uncategorized)
* Why should we have good manners? (uncategorized)
* Talk about the things you like most. (uncategorized)
* How do you spend your time after school? (uncategorized)
* Describe the things you enjoy doing (uncategorized)

* About yourself (introduce yourself) (uncategorized)
* Human and courage (uncategorized)
* Talk about your favorite author (uncategorized)
* My best friend (uncategorized)

* My favorite game (sport) – football (uncategorized)

* Give an account of a visit to a book exhibition.

* An interesting program which you heard on the radio.
* Give one of the activities you like to do in your spare time
* Talk about the film you like best.
* Talk about the value of music in the happiness of man
* Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the cinema
* Discuss the appeal of a science fiction

* What should we do to make a good impression at a job interview?
* What is the job of a human resources manager?
* What career would you like to choose after leaving school? (Teacher)
* Journalism as a career (uncategorized)
* The work of a farmer (uncategorized)
* What in your opinion are the qualities of a good judge? (uncategorized)

* The difference between my father and my younger brother in the family.

* What is flight booking like?
* What means of traveling you choose for your trip?
* Is traveling an educative experience? Discuss.
* Tell about a visit to a famous city
* Talk about an adventure in a forest
* Describe some of the interesting places in your country
* Talk about the country you would like to visit. (uncategorized)
* The country I would like to visit (uncategorized)
* Travel is a means of education (uncategorized)
* Talk about a journey by train (uncategorized)
* Talk about a visit to a zoo. (uncategorized)
* Describe what you saw and enjoyed during a visit to a zoo (uncategorized)
* How you spent your last holiday (uncategorized)
* A picnic I enjoyed (uncategorized)

* Talk about an unusual opportunity you had
* Talk about an incident you will never forget.
* A frightful accident I have seen (uncategorized)
* Talk about an accident I have witnessed (uncategorized)

* Talk about a horrible sight you experienced.
* Talk about the rights and duties of a citizen
* Talk about your days in hospital (uncategorized)
* Talk about a frightening experience (uncategorized)
* Talk about a mysterious thing (uncategorized)
* Talk about a narrow escape (uncategorized)
* A narrow escape (uncategorized)
* An interesting fight I have seen (uncategorized)
* Frightened by a ghost (uncategorized)
* How I helped to catch thieves (uncategorized)
* A monkey in my room (an exciting experience) (uncategorized)
* Frightened by buffaloes (uncategorized)
* A building on fire (uncategorized)

* Talk about life in the village (uncategorized)
* Living in a city (uncategorized)
* A frightful experience (uncategorized)
* A mystery (uncategorized)
* If I had a thousand dollars (uncategorized)

* An interesting story I have heard (uncategorized)
* Describe an unpleasant dream that you have had. (uncategorized)
* A thief in my room (uncategorized)
* Frightened by a snake on my body (A frightening experience) (uncategorized)
* An exciting event (uncategorized)

* Describe a pet which you have kept.
* An autobiography of a car (uncategorized)

* Discuss science and its effects.

* Talk about the importance of newspaper (uncategorized)
* The importance of reading newspaper. (uncategorized)

* "News travels fast”. Discuss (uncategorized)
* “Fire is a good servant, but a bad master”. Discuss. (uncategorized)
* Talk about the importance of agriculture (uncategorized)
* Talk about World Trade. (uncategorized)
* Talk about the importance of good roads in a country (uncategorized)
* Talk about rainy season (uncategorized)
* Express your opinion on the importance of studying Geography. (uncategorized)

* Talk about the importance of rivers (uncategorized)
* "Water is important to all living things”. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your opinion. (uncategorized)
* Talk about the importance of water (uncategorized)
* The importance of water (uncategorized)

* Beauty in nature (uncategorized)

* The value of education (uncategorized)
* Mathematics is essential to progress of human (uncategorized)
* What contributions can writers make to the promotion of goodwill among the people of a country? (uncategorized)
* Do you think that the United Nations Organization perform a useful function in promoting peace and happiness in the world? (uncategorized)
* “Great literature belongs not to one age but to all ages; not to one country but all countries”. Discuss. (uncategorized)

* Discuss the view that tolerance is essential for peace and harmony in any community or country. (uncategorized)
* Literary education is preferable to a scientific education today? (uncategorized)
* Which period in the history of your country do you find most inspiring? Discuss the features in that period which appeal to you most. (uncategorized)
* "It is essential to progress that each generation shall rebel against the ideas of the generation before it.” Discuss. (uncategorized)

New essays:
We haven’t put the new essays in the category lists yet.
* “Studies of Geography can make a great contribution to the service of man” Discuss.
* “The luxuries of today are the necessities of tomorrow”. Discuss.
* What contributions can studies of Economics make to the extension of world trade?
* A frightful dream
* A street quarrel I have seen
* An unpleasant dream I once had
* A sad event
* An unpleasant night
* A robbery I have seen
* Caught in a storm

* The radio
* The use of television
* The market in my town
* A visit to an estate
* How I learned to swim
* The person I like most
* The things I dislike the most
* Should women carry out the combat duty? Discuss.
* Advertising is a way to draw the attention of the public. Discuss.
* Describe a sports-meeting.
* “It is always a pity when a man’s education alienates him from his own people”. Discuss.

* Frightened by fierce natives
* How an animal saved me from death
* Imagine that you live in a village. Describe your village.
* Imagine that you are a dog. Tell something about your self.
* A visit to a hospital.
* Why we should travel.
* The pleasures of living in a village.

* All forms of gambling should be abolished. Discuss.

* “To overeat is as great as the evil to starve”. Discuss.

* Throughout history, men have been willing to fight and die for freedom. Why? Discuss.

* Should parents who have more than one child treat all of their children in exactly the same way? Give reasons for your view.

* Tell about the memories of your childhood?

* Talk about what you hope to achieve in adult life.

* Do you think our life is better than it was for our forefathers?

* Describe the farm you visit.

* Some people enjoy living in the country but others prefer big city life. Compare these two places and give your opinion.

* A birthday I celebrated

* The type of stories I like to read

* The worst accident I have seen

* What I wish to be when I grow up.

* An incident I shall never forget.

* How I learned to ride a bicycle.

* What is the cause of obesity? Discuss.

* “Many of man would reach a greater height if he had more depth”. Discuss the view.

* “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man.” Write influence do you think reading, conversation and writing have in making you a citizen of the world?

* What should the youth do on the move of society today? Discuss.

* What do you think the value of being a vegetarian?

* People who look for excitement and danger are foolish. Do you agree?

* In your opinion, should there be school for pupils during weekends as well?

* What would you do if you were at the scene of a serious road accident?

* Tell about a camping night you remember best

* What do you think of football scholarship?

* “A switch in time saves nine” Discuss this sentence.

* What do you think of the defense?

* “Today, girls dress like boys and young men look like women”. Give your opinion.

* Is patriotism outmoded today? Discuss.

* “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Discuss this proverb.

* Talk about your impression on roaches.

* Give your opinion about instinct and reason

* You have been away from home on some occasion. Tell your feelings on leaving.

* “Slow and steady wins the race”. Comment this sentence.

* What is a gentleman?

* “He alone can command who knows how to obey”. Explain this sentence.

* What do you think of the useless trifles?

* Describe a journey by car, train, ship etc, which was particularly memorable for some reason, either good or bad

* Comment on this statement of Guyau: “After our parents, it is to our teacher that we owe the most”

* “A man is known by the company he keeps”. Explain this statement and comment on it.

* Explain this saying and comment on it: “Work helps us escape from three evils: Boredom, vice and poverty”.

* 1995 was eventful year. Describe one of the events you consider the most significant to you.

* What responsibility do societies have for the poor?

* Unemployment is a serious problem in many countries today. What can be done about it?

* Suppose you are a lazy boy. Your father advises you to study hard. Tell about what he talks.

* In your opinion, what are the lessons learned from school life?

* How does the gambling affect the society?

* What is culture and what is the influences of culture?

* What is poetry? Discuss.

* What is food? Give its importance.

* Commerce as a means of spreading civilization. Discuss

* Women should be restricted to work connected with the home and children. They should not engage in politics, commerce or industries. Do you agree?

* Talk about a shopping day

* The world does not progress, it merely changes. Do you agree this view?

* Describe a bridge you know well.

* Describe a day spent by the river or by the sea.

Describe your first day at school as a child

Describe the house you are living in

Describe a village you know well

Describe a visit to an interesting exhibition

Describe a visit you have made to a factory

Describe your best friend and tell why you like him or her

The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them

Your father advises you to study hard. Tell about what he talks

All forms of gambling should be abolished

Girls dress like boys and young men look like women

He alone can command who knows how to obey

How gambling affect society

How I learned to ride a bicycle

An ideal education system

What is food? And give its importance

The important role of newspaper and magazines in our lives

An incident I shall never forget

What is culture and what are the influences of culture

Give your opinion about instinct and reason

What are the lessons learned from school life?

Our life is better than it was for our forefathers

Some people enjoy living in the country but others prefer big city life

Life in the city, compared with life in the country

What science has done to make our lives easier and more comfortable

Tell about the memories of your childhood

Men have been willing to fight and die for freedom

My birthday I celebrated

Necessity is the mother of invention

You have been away from home on some occasion

To overeat is as great as the evil to starve

Should parents who have more than one child treat all of their children in exactly the same way

Is patriotism outmoded today?

People who look for excitement and danger are foolish. Do you agree?

Reading, conference and writing make a full man

The reasons for your study of English and the ways you have been learning it

The reason why the young people prefer to live in town

A shopping day

Slow and steady wins the race

A switch in time saves nine

The type of stories I like to read

What do you think of football scholarship?

What do you think the value of being a vegetarian?

Would you prefer an expensive wedding with lots of guests or a simple one?

What you hope to achieve in adult life?

What is a gentleman?

What is poetry?

What would you do if you were at the scene of a serious road accident?

What do you think of the defense?

What do you think of the useless trifles?

Which part of your country would you prefer to live in

Women should be restricted to work connected with the home and children. They should not engage in politics, commerce or industries. Do you agree?

The world does not progress, it merely changes

Worst accident I have seen

You tell a foreigner about your beloved homeland

Tell about a camping night you remember best

Your favorite hobby

Talk about your impression on roaches

Your most embarrassing experience

Your most frightening experience

What should the youth do on the move of society today. Discuss

Describe some useful ways in which computers have so far contributed to our modern life.

Failure is the mother of success

Family is a very good school

How can I become the person I want to be?

Health or wealth? Which do you think is more valuable – health or wealth? Give your reason.

Supposing you were the only survivor of a shipwreck and were washed up on a deserted island.

To overeat is as great as the evil to starve

There is no place like home

The house where I am living

My daily activities

My family

My hobbies

My mother

My school

My weekend

Computer has made life easier?

Has the ease of cooking improved people’s life?

My favorite TV Programs

Are parents best teachers?

With a big sum of money, will you purchase a house or decide to run your own business?

Why people should go to university?

Are books more important than experience?

Should a factory be built in your community?

Men’s enemy in the world of nature

Neither physics nor chemistry could have reached its present level without mathematics

Parents’ views and Young persons’ thoughts about the world

Talk about an ideal house

A house I would like to live in

Talk about your friend’s family

Talk about the life of a farmer

Talk about a trishaw rider

Talk about a Aerospace Exhibition

Underwater discovery

Night market

A fashion show

A wedding celebration

Fire drill

A day at the market.

A rainy morning

On a rainy day

Talk about a slow train journey.

Talk about a cable-car ride.

A bus ride

A place of great natural beauty.

A popular place in my town.

At the bus-stop

Talk about Shopping Centres

Describe Singapore science centre

An interesting place you enjoyed visiting

My favorite haunt

when I am angry…

Talk about your diary.

Talk about Chinese new year.

Talk about Mothers’ day.

Describe a teachers’ day.

Describe a Sports day.

Describe your school sports day.

Talk about an interesting cat.

Talk about your new neighbors.

Talk about your neighbors.

Talk about your home

Talk about your hometown.

Talk about your country.

Talk about your two interesting classmates.

Describe a popular person in your own age group

Talk about your new friend

Talk about your best friend

Talk about your good friend.

Talk about your classmates

Talk about your favorite teacher

Describe your school-shops

Talk about your school

Describe your school

Who are you? Talk about yourself.

Talk about yourself

Describe your perfect house

Describe a thunderstorm

Describe an evening on the beach

Describe the scene in my town early in the morning

Describe the sounds of nature heard in my area

Describe the sights, sounds and smells along a busy street

Describe the sights, sound and smells along a deserted country lane

Describe the scene at a crowded food center

Describe the scene in a shopping complex

Describe a school mid-morning break

Describe your family at home in evenings

Describe the beauty of nature

A burglary I witnessed

A pickpocket I witnessed

A robbery I witnessed

A robbery at a late cold night

When I am kidnapped…

Experience of being kidnapped

Describe a fire in the hospital

A fire accident I have witnessed

An embarrassing moment

A frightening experience

Lost in a strange place

An unlucky incident i had witnessed

Incident in a sleepless night

An air accident

A freak accident

Accident in the laboratory

Class duty

A week before examination

The day I was sick

The day I was late for school

The happiest day in my life

A day when everything went wrong

An unlucky day

A day I spent in strange surroundings

A small quarrel

A quarrel among friends

My experience in riding a bicycle

My first air travel

My first ride on a horse

A cruise

A class excursion

A picnic

The Masculism of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and the Feminism of “The Time of Doves”

American Sense and Sensibility: Let’s Be Realist

An excursion to nearby islands

An evening in a luxurious boat

The national day parade

An unnecessary accident

An unusual incident

Daylight robbery

An accident

An accident at home

A bad habit

A blackout

A narrow escape

Courtesy begets courtesy

Honesty is the best policy

A lesson learnt

A good deed

A treasure hunt

A case of mistaken identity

An amusing incident

A priceless gift

A pleasant surprise

An unexpected meeting

Recalling my first day at school

My most precious possession

Retelling an old story

An Unforgettable Childhood Incident

An odd incident

The jealous reactions of one person to the success of a friend

A vivid dream

A mad dog


The day dad decided to do it himself

Being the odd one out

Acting as a substitute

Lost luggage

Dangerous companion

It was not such a good bargain after all


The year 2990

If I had three wishes

An imaginary encounter

An autobiography of a watch

An autobiography of a pen

An autobiography of a butterfly

An autobiography of a dancing doll

An autobiography of a story book

My ambition

What will I do with my first salary

Fruits I like to eat

Things I like to do

Things I would like to do but am unable to or do not have time for

My favorite subject

What is your favorite subject?

Reading is fun

Interesting fight I have seen

Frightened by a ghost

How an animal save me from death

Describe a journey by car, ship, train etc, which was particularly memorable for some reason, either good or bad

After our parents, it is our teacher that we owe the most

Friendship – a man is known by the company he keeps

Work helps us escape from three evils: boredom, vice and poverty


My hobbies

My wish to become a scholar

My new-year resolution

The way I spend the first few days after examination

How do you relax when you are tired, nervous or angry

What is your favorite time of year?

What difficulties are you facing in choosing a career?

Mountaineering – mountain climber

Things you like and dislike about school

What changes your country within years

Write down your thoughts and feeling about your past life and what lies ahead

Home accidents and its preventions

“Save water” campaign – write about the scarcity of water and ways and means to save water.

The teachers’ contributions to the progress of a country

How to be successful in life

Keeping fit

What are the possible causes of child abuse?

Why are taxed

The duties of a citizen

Modes of traveling

The benefits of working for a living

Progress – its benefits and harms

Television its use and abuse

The advantages and disadvantages of the cinema

The advantages and disadvantages of a good memory

Causes of teenage smoking

The laser: Solution to many problems

Proficiency Examinations – Who needs them

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Attending Evening Classes

Is your city a much better place to live in today than 10 years ago?

What have you gained from University Education?


Reducing traffic accidents

Qualities of a good teacher

Women between career and family life

How can a teacher help students enlarge their vocabulary?

The beneficial effects of games on language learning

One who is good at English grammar can write well in English?

Should all errors made by foreign language learners be corrected at any cost?

The goal of teachers who use the Communicative Approach is to have students become communicatively competent.

The advantages and disadvantages in teaching English to Adult Learners

The use of forests

The unselfish devotion of a housewife




Drop it where it belongs

The problems faced by old people in our society

The clothes we wear

The rising cost of living

The ills of modern cities

Is a little knowledge dangerous?

Private tuition – Is it necessary?

Students study just to pass the examinations – Do you agree?

Education is very necessary. Do you agree?

School leavers should get some working experience before going for further studies

Physical education is important

Parents and children – Are there ways to improve understanding?

Women should be restricted to work connected with the home and children.

People who look for excitement and danger are foolish. Do you agree?

Honesty is the best policy

Advertisement are boring, unless, and often misleading

The twentieth century is an age of greed. Do you agree?

No room for true craftmanship in the modern world of mass production

Storm caught

A nightmare

What I dislike most in people

Is family planning necessary?

What opportunities have you had at school or elsewhere of listening teacher and speaking English?

The advantages and disadvantages of co-education.

What career would you like to choose after leaving school?

I choose a career

Old age and youth


I am proud of my country

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Ongoing list of essay topics by category:



  • The use of colour in graphical displays

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  • Standardized testing in the schools
  • Joining fraternity

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  • Independence from parents
  • Multi-cultural family
  • Moving away to college
  • Adoption
  • Adaptation to parent’s divorce
  • Birth of brother
  • Birth of niece
  • Sister moving out
  • Constant moving as child

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  • Compare and contrast presidential and parliamentary systems of government for their key characteristics, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis should include discussions of how different the two systems are, as well as point to any commonalties.
  • Examine critically the idea that each nation or "people” has a right of self-determination to form a state of its own. What are the problems in defining the right or identifying who may claim it? What are the problems in exercising it? Examine what limits might be placed on the right and whether they are justifiable.
  • What are the roles of the legislature in a political system, and examine the constraints that can limit how effectively those roles can be fulfilled? Are there practical solutions to those limits – what new problems could the solutions pose? Use examples from one or more countries in answering these questions. Your analysis should include discussions of the relationship between the legislature, the electorate, political parties, and the executive.
  • Examine what `judicial review’ is and its role in a democracy, What are the main controversies about this role of the courts? This analysis should include discussions of the need for limited government and who should decide those limits. What role should the accountability of decision-makers to the electorate play?

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  • O.J. Simpson, guilty or no

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  • The evidence for HIV as a cause of AIDS
  • The cancer risk of second-hand smoke
  • Undergoing surgery

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  • Senior year in high school
  • Experimenting with drugs
  • High school graduation
  • Moving from house you grew up in
  • Relationship with Mom
  • Having a Twin
  • Best Friend
  • Death of close friend
  • Growing up in small town
  • Describe your favorite vacation spot. Use at least three of the five senses (taste, touch, sound, sight, smell) in your description.

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  • Democracy is a general concept for a governing process but can have quite different manifestations. Examine the different forms it make take. Is there a core to the concept? To what extent is the democratic principle inherently limited by the practical realities of any political system? Can the people always rule, vote freely, or have their views effectively translated into the composition of governments or public policy? This analysis should also mention the problem of majority rule and the issue of how minority interests may or may not justify limits on the will of the majority.
  • Compare and contrast the way in which one of the main ideologies (i.e. liberalism, socialism, conservatism, etc) has changed from its classical origins to the contemporary forms it takes. To what extent has this ideology transformed itself? Can one still call it (for example) conservatism? In examining these questions, you should be able to conclude whether there is a core of that school of thought which survives and gives it lasting meaning.
  • Discuss what `ideology’ means and the different uses and abuses to which it may be put in a political system. To what extent can ideology serve as a blueprint for political action and to what extent does a ruler’s ideology practically operate as a public justification for decisions reached for other, less-noble reasons? You should use examples extensively that illustrate the main points of your analysis.
  • Examine what federalism can mean, and the reasons why it might be adopted as the basic structure of a state. What problems does federalism help accommodate, and what problems does federalism itself pose to a political system? Your discussions should draw on practical examples from one or more federal states.
  • Why do interest groups exist? What are their functions? What are the positive and negative effects of their operation? Analyze how they may complement or undermine political parties and the institutional channels for political decision-making?
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of using a proportional representation electoral system or a single member majority system. In answering this question you should discuss what an electoral system should be designed to achieve. Use examples. Also, your analysis should give some idea why a state might choose one form of electoral system over another.
  • What are the different roles of violence in a political system, both in maintaining a particular political order and in bringing about political change? When is violence more likely to be resorted to and why might it succeed? Is it sometimes necessary? Your analysis should include discussions of the problems of the institutions in a political system, different ways the government authorities may resort to force, and the political culture of the communities. How do value judgments cloud discussions of the legitimacy of violence in a political system?
  • What are the main roles that the United Nations plays in international politics? To what extent is it successful, and how should that success be gauged? Keep in mind that you should identify the main bodies of the UN and their legal powers (here you must choose which ones to discuss). Analyze the way in which the political context of the UN’s operation effect the use of its powers. What can reasonably be expected?
  • What are the different functions of political parties in different political systems? This answer should cover the roles of parties in a variety of political systems and discuss the positive and (if any) negative sides of the functions. Examine what factors relate to the effectiveness of parties.
  • Examine the nature of totalitarianism, and the conditions that can give rise to it. This paper should examine what distinguishes totalitarianism from other forms of government. Look at examples of totalitarian governments to see why they came to power and held onto it. The end of totalitarian regimes should also provide insight to the conditions necessary to their success.
  • Examine the impact of nationalism on the political system in a country of your choice. How does the group involved define itself and what are the end goals that nationalism is used to justify? Are there competing groups, each using nationalism to justify certain political goals? In these discussions, you should be aware that nationalism can have different manifestations and objectives. Also, there can be positive and negative aspects of nationalism and some comment on them (and on the problems of assessing them) may be in order.
  • Examine the uses to which referendums may be put in a political system. What are the justifications for holding a referendum, and on what sorts of issues? This analysis should discuss the merits of direct and indirect forms of democracy. Also, consideration should be given to the practical requirements and consequences of holding a referendum on a complicated or divisive topic.
  • Analyze the different types of `representation’ involved in a democracy. What are the problems in providing for representation? Can different forms of representation be realized at the same time, or is a choice required? What are the problems of accountability that are posed by relying on representatives?

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  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Global warming

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  • Statistical arguments used in sports
  • Learning to play (your favorite sport)

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