Vince Young assesses the NFL’s best young quarterbacks

In Week One, 13 quarterbacks had a passer rating of 115.0 or greater, the most in any week in NFL history.
For the first time , two QBs had ideal passer ratings (158.3) at a season opener, and among them had been 22-year-old Ravens signal-caller Lamar Jackson, who also became the youngest player in NFL history to post a perfect score.
Deshaun Watson (23) had a huge Week One revival, even though dropping to a last-gasp field goal in New Orleans, and many different players comparatively new to this league amazed. Last year’s MVP Patrick Mahomes (23) continuing his success with a three-touchdown, 143.2 passer rating opener.
Bearing that in mind, we asked Pro Bowler and long-time NFL quarterback Vince Young – that will join Neil Reynolds in studio this NFL Sunday, on Sky Sports Action in 5pm – that young QBs he’s been impressed with about the league.
“Deshaun Watson has been a lover of me because I had been playing!
“I knew he was a big fan of mine if he first won a National Championship [for Clemson at January 2017] and said my title [in his post-game speech]. I simply recall:”Vince Young” and ever since that time, I have reached out to him.
“He knows a whole good deal of folks I know, therefore each time I get an chance to talk to himI give him my opinion about everything.
“I am pleased with him. I knew he had the talent, it is only about adjusting.
“I expect he just gets to the point of telling [the Texans] what he desires. That’s a sign of maturity and it has been made by him.
“I hope he’s telling them:’I need the offensive line here, I need more plays on the dish’. I hope he continues to grow like that how he has increased and as I watched Dak Prescott and he has been successful.
“I want Watson to be verbally showing his maturity at which he can handle more and it’s what he wants. He also deserves an offensive line that can protect him so he does not have to run as much so he could play just a little bit longer than the majority of the guys who move around with the ball.”
Young himself was create and scramble plays his legs just like Watson – and he asked him if he saw any similarities between the two.
He said:”Yeah. Overall we have a match, although he’s a bit better thrower than me I think. He’s extremely true downfield, which makes a excellent leader of the team and a good deal of plays. He conducts the ball well.
“He brings off stuff which you never believed anyone could do.
“So I believe we have any similarities but I think his chunk is a tiny bit more precise than me because of this fact he threw a little bit more than me rising up.
“I’m not faulting myself but he’s a great man, a great athlete so I am very proud of him.”
“Me and Me text and discuss a great deal so the most important thing that I say is:’I’m pleased with you. You stood through all that hardship and everybody. You are in a starting role, you’re currently making good plays. With they say now, although you are not using your thighs?’
“I’ve been really proud of him so I simply tell him to keep doing the work behind the scenes and be certain you keep on your defensive coordinator’s ear and ask him a lot of questions -‘What would you believe a defense will attempt to do to me this year or this match?’
“Once you figure out what you’re going to do and the groundwork, ensure to ask him a lot of questions about anything the defense may pick up you may easily fix.
“Defensive guys are quite good – that they pick up if you’re rocking [at the line of scrimmage], they understand when you quit, you’re about to snap the ball. They pick up a lot of little detailed things which may help them jump off the ball or react.”
Will Blackmon NFL veteran, analyst and Super Bowl winner on Sky Sports before mid-season with us, also gave us his own ideas after selecting him since his NFL Challenge captain in Week 38, on Jackson.
Blackmon said:”I picked him captain a week due to the matchup. I were figuring things out and thought the Dolphins weren’t ready.
“However, I like this season because right now, you can see how confident he’s.
“Last year, after he was finally named the starter at the conclusion of the year, he started getting comfortable but then once they traded away Joe Flacco plus it’s his staff today , he just looks so comfy and he’s so much assistance.
“He’s the supporting cast in terms of receivers, he has a great running back in Mark Ingram plus he’s got a really good defense and that’s a recipe for success.”
Young told Sky Sports:'”‘MVP’ and head coach Andy Reid are a match made in heaven.
“Mahomes has a powerful arm plus Reid likes to throw the ball deep – loves a good deal of deep punches. Mahomes gets the arm for this so I love that chemistry . I love watching those two.”
Young:”I predicted him to win Rookie of the Year so I am happy to see what happened together [Arizona scored 18 points in the fourth quarter to procure a 27-27 tie with Detroit].”
Blackmon added with this year’s No 1 NFL Draft pick:”I believe we watched a few maturation from Kyler Murray in the game. He did in the first half then when it rains, he brought back his team and gave them a opportunity.
“That’s huge, to observe that”
Young:”Allen did a fantastic job of staying it [on Sunday as the Bills came back to beat the Jets]. I got the chance to meet with him a little while back so simply to see the growth of a great deal of these young men, I am glad.”
“I’m still trying to feel him out, but he’s a massive chance [with these weapons].”
“I am prepared to see the young guy get his opportunity.”
Watch Week 2 on Sunday night with three matches: Eagles @ Falcons, Saints @ Rams and Vikings @ Packers. Coverage starts at 5pm on Sky Sports Action.

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