United Arab Emirates cricket trio charged with multiple breaches of ICC anti-corruption code

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Captain Mohammad Naveed is among three United Arab Emirates players after being charged under the International Cricket Council code to have been suspended.
Naveed faces multiple charges, such as an agreement torepair or contrive matches at the upcoming World Twenty20 qualifiers.
While batsman Shaiman Anwar confronts two, fellow seamer Qadeer Ahmed was charged with six breaches of the code.
They have until 30 to respond.
Mehardeep Chhayakar, clarified from the ICC asa participant in cricket at [the Emirate of] Ajman, has also been charged with a single breach of the ICC code.
In addition to two charges under the ICC code, 32, Naveed, is also charged with two breaches of the Emirates Cricket Board Code for the domestic T10 League.
The UAE and Oman on Friday play with at the first of six Earth Twenty20 qualifiers this past month, taking place.
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Analysis and comment from the cricket correspondent of the BBC.

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